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7' x 12' Structure (roof and walls)

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MyOwnGreenhouse walls are 5' high and peak is 8' high.


The 12' model includes

  • 1 set Dutch Doors

  • Manual vent in back gable


OPTIONAL (see accessories options for more detail):

  • heat-activated self-opening roof vents for temperature control
  • interior shelving

  • second set of dutch doors

  • base of laminated 2x6 around greenhouse perimiter

  • factory assembly


Professional delivery and on-site assembly can be facilitated with a trusted installer (fee must be negotiated separately with them). You can choose to assemble yourself. We will provide written instructions.



    Each MyOwnGreenhouse is

    • hand built in central Alberta, Canada

    • built for Canadian prairie climate

    • hail resistant to 240 inch-pounds of impact (roughly a 3/4" hailstone falling at 96 miles per hour)

    • UV resistant

    • made of clear Lexan™ polycarbonate and galvanized steel for rust-proof functionality and durability


    MyOwnGreenhouse is durable, hand-built and warrantied for 10-years against breakage, bending and yellowing.

    If you are dissatisfied, please call us directly for resolution.


    Shipping and assembly are not included in the price.


    We have a professional installer we trust and can recommend.