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Dutch Doors

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Dutch Doors allow you to open the top and bottom halves of the door separately to allow for air flow and heat control (while keeping the dog out!).


The second set of doors will be installed at the opposite end of the main doors, replacing the manual gable vent.


    Each door is hand made using clear Lexan™ polycarbonate and 26 - 22 galvanized steel for rust-proof functionality and durability.


    There are lockable bolts on both top and bottom door.


    Bolt is riveted to an internal steel plate, ensuring you have maximum security for your plants.


    MyOwnGreenhouse is durable, hand-built and warrantied for 10-years against breakage, bending and limited 3-year warrantly on the Lexan™ against yellowing and severe hail damage.

    If you are dissatisfied, please call us directly for resolution.


    Shipping and assembly are not included in the price.


    All components are available for pickup.


    We have a professional installer we trust and can recommend.