Pepper - Sweet “Right On Red” - 4” pot

Pepper - Sweet “Right On Red” - 4” pot

According to Park Seed: “68 days from setting out transplants.

So pretty, so productive, so delicious! This Hungarian Cheese Pepper is a terrific alternative to bell peppers for thick walls, sweet flavor, and heavy yields. The 2-inch-diameter fruit dangles from a compact plant (petite enough for patio containers!) like Christmas tree ornaments, gradually ripening from green to yellow, orange, and finally deep red. Fall in love with a new pepper this season -- splendid Right on Red!

One look at this round, flattish fruit tells you why it was named for a stoplight! The walls are even thicker than those of bell peppers, making Right on Red great as an edible bowl for dips and sauces as well as the perfect stuffing pepper. This fruit sits just 1 to 1½ inches high, and weighs about 2 ounces. Very uniform, it's an ideal choice for canning and pickling, too. Can't go wrong with Right on Red!

And it tastes as good as it looks. The flavor is sweet and crisp, with a nice juicy bite. In Hungary this pepper is called tomato-shaped, and of course that's exactly what it looks like: an heirloom tomato, perfectly smooth and nicely lobed!

Best of all, the yields of Right on Red are heavy, beginning early in the season and just continuing nonstop. This means that you have all three colors of the stoplight present at once, as well as orange and various shades of yellow and red. Pick the fruit as it begins to turn, or let it reach full vitamin-packed deep red. You won't believe how productive this 18- to 24-inch-high, 12- to 16-inch-wide little plant will set.”


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